Book Discussion Group


Our group, currently with a full membership of 12, meet on the 3rd Friday of the month at the Christchurch South Library Service Centre to discuss a book we have all read.  These are books issued from the Book Discussion Scheme (BDS) and and includes a booklet, usually giving a write up about the author, with a review of the book.  Often it includes comments/opinions from the person who wrote the review, and a set of questions about the book for the group to discuss. This often leads us to our own discussion points.
We get 11 books per year, for which we each pay a subscription to the BDS. The 2020 subscription is $65 per person.
At the end of each year we each select 2 or 3 titles from the schemes catalogue that we would like to read, and the convener submits this list to the BDS who do their best to supply titles from this list.  Titles are both fiction and non-fiction, modern and classic literature, and national and international authors. 
With the variety available, together with 12 avid readers who have different opinions and points of view, the discussions are rarely stilted.
Titles read so far in 2019 include-
In the Country :  Mia Alvar
In Falling Snow : Mary-Rose MacColl
My Name is Leon : Kit de Waal
Life is Good : George Dawson
Titles on our "wish list" include-
Becoming : Michelle Obama
Honour : Elif Shafak
The Wish Child : Catherine Chidgey
The Good Doctor : Lance O'Sullivan