Controversial Group

 End of year report

This year we have covered a wide range of topics both local and international.


  • Is the 30 km speed limit in Christchurch a good idea?
  • What does climater change mean for NZ?
  • Should we have a capital gains tax?
  • Cyber bullying and how to deal with it.
  • and of course - Trump. Always a source of discussion topic

The number of enrolled members is near maximum but we have not had meeting yet where everyone turned up, so come along and see if you are interested.





The topics we discuss are chosen by members of the group and we encourage everyone to suggest their own interests and ideas.  Our discussions range over both local and international issues, and can be briefly topical or ongoing, world changing or some light relief but not boring . 

Chairing the meetings is shared between those members who are happy to do this.  If you would rather listen than talk, that’s okay as well.  There are others more than willing to do the talking!